Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Almost Over

So I wrote to the President about my plight, as well as the thousands of others just like me.  I invited him to come and personally see what the truth is here and not rely on the reports given to him by the bush administration.  I invited him to come and see what a train wreck this is here in THIS country before he takes off to visit any other countries.  I expressed to him the urgency of the situation here, that as bad as it is across the country, it's AT LEAST that bad here, if not worse, simply because of what we've been through for the past three plus years.  I don't really expect an acknowledgement that the letter was received, let alone an answer.  They know I know it was received, because I faxed it to the White House.  But I personally handed a copy of a letter I sent the Governor via snail mail AND his website (which was totally ignored) to the administrative assistant at my congressman's office and the only response from  there was to send someone to see if I had killed myself.  That was in response to a statement at the end of the letter that said I was not suicidal.  I love it sooooo much when people READ. 

My mortgage company is truly the Spawn of Satan.   Ok, start from scratch.  My mortgage was written through Ameriquest.  Citi Residental Lending bought the mortgage and immediately started screwing with me by throwing out the agreement I had with Ameriquest (to focus on the house and they would put missed payments at the end of the loan) and putting me directly in foreclosure.  Got that taken care of and their next step was to refuse to confirm to MEMA that I was not in foreclosure so that I could get a Katrina Cottage and get out of this death trap FEMA camper I live in.  A few months later, my toxicity rose to the level that I could no longer walk, drive or work.  End of 2008, there I go, back into foreclosure again.  But this time it's not because I'm working on the house, it's because I'm too sick to do much of anything.  But in the meantime, I had two representatives who were theoretically working with the mortgage company.  NOT.  Neither one of them were doing ANYTHING on my behalf, but I had been told by them both that I was not to contact the mortgage company, everything would be going through them now.  No news is good news, I thought they had everything under control while I tried to get an income rolling online.  So I found out right before Thanksgiving that my house was to be sold on 12/10/08.  Had to wait until after the holiday to contact them.  THEN I find out there's a Disaster Assistance Department in Citi, something no one had told me before.  I contact them and they give me a 60 day stay of execution.  That would be 2/11/09.   Last week, I get a letter dated 1/5/09 from an ambulance chaser lawyer who tells me my house will be sold by the mortgage company on 2/18/09 and I can file bankruptcy to save it.  Except that I can't AFFORD to file bankruptcy, I have NO INCOME.  I have received nothing from the mortgage company saying that I have a new sale date.  But GUESS WHAT.  Yesterday I got a letter from them saying they sold my loan.  Yeah.  And you'll never guess what date it goes into effect.  2/10/09.  Uh huh.  The first day I can talk to the new mortgage company is 2/11/09.  One week before I lose my home, my mind and my life.  Since they obviously KNEW they were selling the loan, the only reason to set another sale date was pure meanness.  

Now, when the home is gone, there is nowhere for me to go.  I can't rent an apartment because my once excellent credit of 718 is now totally and completely destroyed.  I don't qualify for Section 8 housing because I don't have Disability yet.  That takes years to get as most Americans know.  You can be deaf, blind and quadriplegic with an IQ of 50 and it will take years to get Disability with appeal after appeal being denied until a lawyer gets it passed and takes at least a third of it.  So no, there won't be any roof over my head.  Plus I have a kitty and a dog that are not only my only joy and laughter many days but are my heart and we've been together 11 and 3 years, respectively.  I'm all they've ever known.  I'm supposed to just dump 'em at the pound?  You can just dump me at the nut hut right after that.  

And when the home is gone, there is no retirement for me, either.  It was all in the house.  So I am about to lose my home, my retirement and my last way to make any money at all.  Timing being everything, I only needed about another 2 or 3 months and I would have been able to at least make house payments.  Too little too late, but I tried.  I did my very best to be self sufficient in the face of not being able to walk or drive.  If I had known it would all be so pointless and really, how little most people really care, I would have put a gun in my mouth a long time ago and ended the suspense.  Not even as a matter of depression, but only as a matter of logistics.  I simply have no place to be.  Or I will shortly, unless a miracle happens.

A miracle like President Obama coming here to see the TRUTH.  A miracle like him even getting to read my letter, let alone doing anything.

What I know for sure is that if he did come here, I would be back into my house shortly and I would not be losing it in foreclosure.  I think it would take one phone call from his office to the mortgage company and a followup letter and they would be working with me getting a reasonable fixed rate and putting my payments at the end of my loan from when I can start making them on my own from online income.  If I were to wait for SSI, I would surely die first, which is, of course, the Social Security office's goal, anyway.

But, of course, the President doesn't have time to be bothered with me.  I'm not important.  I'm just one person out of millions losing their homes.  Really, why bother with one person?  Except that I asked him to come see the plight of about 10,000 people.  Oh, I'm sorry, that's just in my county.  There's actually way more than that who are still displaced, homeless or about to be homeless.  Is that a big enough crowd to have any importance?  Probably not.  

Wonder what ever happened to that moratorium on foreclosures he was talking about?  I read about one, but it was this little sliver of homes that fit into this narrow set of parameters.  Not a blanket NO FORECLOSURES policy.  And if there is a freakin crack anywhere in a program, I will fall slap through it.

I've never worked so hard to make anything work and failed so miserably.  Yeah, I's a quarter, call someone who cares.....wonder who that would be?  

Rant, rave, ventventvent, I guess I'm done.

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