Sunday, December 13, 2009

News from the Front

Well, my home is being repaired, I am getting a modification on my mortgage so that I can now afford the payments and I am confident that this particular phase of hell is over in my life. I'm moving along nicely laying the groundwork for my online jewelry store to open after I'm back in the house. I even have materials left over to build a studio in the back yard. I found I'm going to need that because of the chemicals and soldering that are part of smithing, an additional course I'm taking along with the main jewelry design and creation courses I'll be taking in the fall. So everything has changed for the better.

Here is exactly how it all came about: I changed my attitude and outlook from one of defeatist, gloom and doom, I'm nothing can stop me, it's all good, I deserve to be happy, everything is going to be not only great, but downright wonderful!

Three years of constant BS just wore me down, every light at the end of the tunnel was a train. I just couldn't take any more, so I started searching on the net for something, ANYTHING that could help. I kept finding the Law of Attraction. I could not, however, find the bulk of information for free. I didn't have any money so I couldn't buy any books, movies, programs, etc. So I squeezed every tiny scrap I could from every site I could find until I put together something that could work for me. I swear, it all turned around within a couple of months!!! I'm not even kidding. And every move forward has just increased my certainty that all will be well, at least regarding my ability to make a living and live in my house again. On a personal level, my next huge step is regaining my health, being able to drive again, getting off disability.

While I remain focused on Katrina related issues until the restoration here is complete (and over 4 years later, it is FAR from complete) I now have some mental space to really start paying more attention to pressing issues that affect not only my country but the entire world. So this blog is returning to what it's initial call attention to as many of those issues as I can...from being hijacked to focus more on what's been kicking my ass since August 29, 2005.

Expect to see more about caged animal farming, NAIS, H1N1 flu pandemic hoax, microchipping, Codex Alimentarius, NWO, WHO, Big Pharma, Bilderberg Group, the Fed, Eco-slaughter, etc. All of these individual conspiracy theory topics lose that political sci-fi aura once you see the big picture. It's panoramic, it's global and it isn't pretty. I'm so glad my personal space is secured, allowing me to move outside of survival mode and begin devoting much more time to these issues that will affect generations to come even more than our world today. Like minded people will say we ARE the generations to come, so if you don't believe we only live once, then your future lives are at stake!

Posts will probably be spotty for awhile as my home repairs are in full swing, but in a few months I'll be in my home and settling down into a routine where I can post regularly. Thanks to my wonderful subscribers for hanging with me til then!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Holy Freakin Moo Cow, a New Post!!!!!

Soooo, it's been a long while since I did a post here, so I guess it's about time for an update. Duhhh, ya think? haha

First, to my utter shock, I was approved for permanent Disability after a wait of only 4 months from time of application to approval and check in the bank. And I do mean shock. I already had a legal rep waiting for the first denial letter and preparing an appeal! This was the last thing I expected to happen and I am sooooo grateful it came through. I feel very badly, though, for those who are in much worse shape than I'm in who are still struggling through the system for any help at all.

With Disability Award Letter in hand, I was now able to secure a loan modification for my home which I've been on the verge of losing for about a year, now. I just made my first payment on the Making Home Affordable trial plan (I still don't get what that's all about, but whatever, they say this is good news and means I'll get to keep my home, so I'm happy) and early next year, I'll have my loan modified to a 30 year fixed rate I can pay from my disability check and still be able to pay the rest of my bills. Still have 5 bills to pay from before I got sick and when they're gone, it's just house payment and utilities. YEAH! :D

Since the loan modification is going through, Catholic Social Services is working on my house again. Well, they were, but they quit for about a month and a half, I have no idea why, and I hear through the grapevine they'll be back here in the next week or so. I can't WAIT! The house is still gutted but it's getting very close to insulation and drywall going up. I should be able to move back in by next spring. August 29 was 4 years since I've been able to live in my house and mid November will be 4 years I've been living in this FEMA camper.

Which brings me to the only downer going on right now, which is my health. And that is deteriorating with each passing month in this Toxic Trailer. Don't believe the government propaganda that says these campers *gas out* after a few weeks. That is BS. For them to gas out, the formaldehyde would have to be gone. Everything in here is made with it and being such a tiny space (200 sq.ft.) it builds up fast. I keep windows open all winter when I'm heating it because that's worse than summer when I keep the air running constantly to keep the temp below 80 in here. Except that the wall temps have to be below 80 and there's not much to nothing between the metal outside and the walls, so I found to avoid watering burning eyes, I really have to keep it around 75. It's crazy. If it were gassed out, it would have passed the test the feds did two years ago and it failed miserably with a high score. That was after never shutting windows or the door for almost all of the two years I'd been in here then. So anyone out there who *knows* that the government would never lie about such a thing and that we're just whiners down here can freakin bite me. You don't know jack.

Amost forgot, another great thing....the CSS guys are going to give me tons of compelling evidence to sue the backside off my contractor who grossly overcharged me for his shoddy work. It would have been overcharged if he did GREAT work! And I've had to have almost everything redone that he did. So I have until March to get the lawsuit started and I'm looking for an attorney now. I've been assured that there is no freakin way I can lose, we're in the *outrageous* zone here. Always good to end on a high note, eh? hehehe

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to The United States. Leave your sanity on the boat, please, we don't need any of that HERE.

Well, folks, it looks like the Obama administration has decided there just isn't enough *government money* (read TAXPAYER DOLLARS) to fund wars and recovery overseas AND help those STILL homeless from Katrina have a roof over their heads. So who gets screwed? You got it. The very taxpayers who's hard earned money is flowing in a one way stream OUT of the country.

Now, I'm disabled, waiting on disability. But that doesn't mean I haven't paid into the tax system at a much higher percentage of income than most wealthy people. I HAVE. FOR YEARS, DECADES, even. But here I am now in need of help and this is what I face now: Today FEMA came and told me there will be no more extensions, the temporary housing program will end May 1. With my walker, I will have to take boxes of things from the camper, down steps and into the house. The only help I have with that is my 76 year old mother who has to drive here to do it. This will take hundreds of trips with the walker, one box at a time since the camper is cram packed full. It's not that far into the house, but it doesn't take much to put me out of commission with walking. I am supposed to be getting things OUT of the house so it can be worked on after the loan modification is completed. Instead, the amount in the house will quadruple. It will be virtually impossible to work around all this stuff, the house is gutted. I've already been told it has to be cleaned out. Where am I supposed to put everything?

The next issue is I can't live in the house, city won't let me, it's gutted. I can't live in any kind of temporary housing on my property, city won't let me. I can't leave the property to live somewhere else, mortgage company won't let me. I have a letter from them stating such, it came this week, too. I can't stay here and I can't leave or they WILL take my house. THAT clause in my loan is what started the whole foreclosure mess in the first place. I was working and paying the payments but they started getting nasty because the house wasn't being fixed and were going to put me in default over that and take the house. Given the choice between me paying for the house or fixing it, they chose fix it and put the payments at the end. Things were going well until they sold my loan and the new company CITI RESIDENTIAL VULTURES errr LENDING, you know, the bailout recipients, put me immediately into foreclosure. I've been fighting that issue ever since. They are also the ones who stopped me from getting a Katrina cottage. If I had that, I wouldn't be screwed for a roof over my head right now. So now I'm desperately trying to show some kind of income so I can get a loan modification and get work rolling on the house again. Been trying to do that for almost a year. One thing after another has fallen through, not worked out, etc. So anyway, the clause that started my downward spiral has reared it's ugly head again. Wanna know what the mortgage company's big concern is? The house might be damaged. I'm like IT'S FREAKIN GUTTED.

So I guess this post is yet another vent post so I can keep some sanity. The government has plenty of money to bail out scum bag predatory lenders. Plenty of money to rebuild other countries that they first had plenty of money to destroy. But the goose that lays the golden egg, they strangle, fry and have for dinner. That would be the taxpayers, in case my analogy is too obtuse.

What's that, you say? Address the issues that are keeping folks from getting back in their homes? Oh nooooo, that's not how we do things here. We attack all problems from the symptom end here, why treat the illness when you can ease up one symptom?


So now I'm about to be a disabled homeless person with a mortgage. Great. I'm frantically searching for anyone who CAN do anything about this WHO GIVES A DAMN.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Puppets are fun, unless your President is one!

More on Obama, The Bilderberg Group and more...leading us down the path to the New World Order. Scared yet? You better be!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Lies We Trust....We, the Sheeples....

Okay, Sheeples, here's yet another bubble burst, another red pill you realllly should take. We live in terrifying times, yet most people are completely clueless as to just how terrifying these times are. They think the rabbit hole is maybe a foot deep. It's not. It's thousands of miles of mazes designed to daze and confuse anyone who questions that there even IS a rabbit hole. And if you question too much, there are booby traps along the way designed to make you be a quiet little sheeple. You may find yourself dependent on the authorities you questioned. You may find yourself in need of their *help* and remember then what Ronald Reagan said....The most terrifying words in the English language....We're from the government and we're here to help you.

Contained in the movie below is more information that everyone should know. Ignore it at your peril. All of these movies may sound crazed to most sheeple, if taken individually, but even the most mainstream hardcore believers will have to resort to independent thinking as this whole picture begins to form by viewing all of them. Because if you look to the core of what is presented in each one, you will find one common theme. And that theme doesn't bode well for any of us down here in the trenches of life. So go, Grasshopper, go and find the common denominator, return to your village and spread the word to the sheeples there.

Maybe if enough people become aware, we can lock and load together and the *elite* will be forced to stand down or die. Hey, it could haaaappen.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Unprecedented President....or NOT.

Yeah, well, he had me going for a lil minute, but it was just his dumb luck that my extrapolation abilities are greatly compromised by the chemical and black mold effects of living in this FEMA camper. Because I already had the groundwork information in the Zeitgeist reports. And in the *alternative* real media of truth. And if this was happening prior to over 3 years in this toxic environment, I would have been perfectly capable of putting this picture together.

We're goin' down, folks, you can believe it now and start screaming that you won't have it and you won't be fooled again or you can take the freakin blue pill and wake up one day and ask what the hell happened to your world. God help you if you take the blue pill and God help the rest of the world, as well.

Yeah, the Puppeteers got me once, in a weak moment, but even with compromised comprehension and extrapolation abilities, they won't get me again.

Watch this, watch the whole thing, pay attention, learn.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Almost Over

So I wrote to the President about my plight, as well as the thousands of others just like me.  I invited him to come and personally see what the truth is here and not rely on the reports given to him by the bush administration.  I invited him to come and see what a train wreck this is here in THIS country before he takes off to visit any other countries.  I expressed to him the urgency of the situation here, that as bad as it is across the country, it's AT LEAST that bad here, if not worse, simply because of what we've been through for the past three plus years.  I don't really expect an acknowledgement that the letter was received, let alone an answer.  They know I know it was received, because I faxed it to the White House.  But I personally handed a copy of a letter I sent the Governor via snail mail AND his website (which was totally ignored) to the administrative assistant at my congressman's office and the only response from  there was to send someone to see if I had killed myself.  That was in response to a statement at the end of the letter that said I was not suicidal.  I love it sooooo much when people READ. 

My mortgage company is truly the Spawn of Satan.   Ok, start from scratch.  My mortgage was written through Ameriquest.  Citi Residental Lending bought the mortgage and immediately started screwing with me by throwing out the agreement I had with Ameriquest (to focus on the house and they would put missed payments at the end of the loan) and putting me directly in foreclosure.  Got that taken care of and their next step was to refuse to confirm to MEMA that I was not in foreclosure so that I could get a Katrina Cottage and get out of this death trap FEMA camper I live in.  A few months later, my toxicity rose to the level that I could no longer walk, drive or work.  End of 2008, there I go, back into foreclosure again.  But this time it's not because I'm working on the house, it's because I'm too sick to do much of anything.  But in the meantime, I had two representatives who were theoretically working with the mortgage company.  NOT.  Neither one of them were doing ANYTHING on my behalf, but I had been told by them both that I was not to contact the mortgage company, everything would be going through them now.  No news is good news, I thought they had everything under control while I tried to get an income rolling online.  So I found out right before Thanksgiving that my house was to be sold on 12/10/08.  Had to wait until after the holiday to contact them.  THEN I find out there's a Disaster Assistance Department in Citi, something no one had told me before.  I contact them and they give me a 60 day stay of execution.  That would be 2/11/09.   Last week, I get a letter dated 1/5/09 from an ambulance chaser lawyer who tells me my house will be sold by the mortgage company on 2/18/09 and I can file bankruptcy to save it.  Except that I can't AFFORD to file bankruptcy, I have NO INCOME.  I have received nothing from the mortgage company saying that I have a new sale date.  But GUESS WHAT.  Yesterday I got a letter from them saying they sold my loan.  Yeah.  And you'll never guess what date it goes into effect.  2/10/09.  Uh huh.  The first day I can talk to the new mortgage company is 2/11/09.  One week before I lose my home, my mind and my life.  Since they obviously KNEW they were selling the loan, the only reason to set another sale date was pure meanness.  

Now, when the home is gone, there is nowhere for me to go.  I can't rent an apartment because my once excellent credit of 718 is now totally and completely destroyed.  I don't qualify for Section 8 housing because I don't have Disability yet.  That takes years to get as most Americans know.  You can be deaf, blind and quadriplegic with an IQ of 50 and it will take years to get Disability with appeal after appeal being denied until a lawyer gets it passed and takes at least a third of it.  So no, there won't be any roof over my head.  Plus I have a kitty and a dog that are not only my only joy and laughter many days but are my heart and we've been together 11 and 3 years, respectively.  I'm all they've ever known.  I'm supposed to just dump 'em at the pound?  You can just dump me at the nut hut right after that.  

And when the home is gone, there is no retirement for me, either.  It was all in the house.  So I am about to lose my home, my retirement and my last way to make any money at all.  Timing being everything, I only needed about another 2 or 3 months and I would have been able to at least make house payments.  Too little too late, but I tried.  I did my very best to be self sufficient in the face of not being able to walk or drive.  If I had known it would all be so pointless and really, how little most people really care, I would have put a gun in my mouth a long time ago and ended the suspense.  Not even as a matter of depression, but only as a matter of logistics.  I simply have no place to be.  Or I will shortly, unless a miracle happens.

A miracle like President Obama coming here to see the TRUTH.  A miracle like him even getting to read my letter, let alone doing anything.

What I know for sure is that if he did come here, I would be back into my house shortly and I would not be losing it in foreclosure.  I think it would take one phone call from his office to the mortgage company and a followup letter and they would be working with me getting a reasonable fixed rate and putting my payments at the end of my loan from when I can start making them on my own from online income.  If I were to wait for SSI, I would surely die first, which is, of course, the Social Security office's goal, anyway.

But, of course, the President doesn't have time to be bothered with me.  I'm not important.  I'm just one person out of millions losing their homes.  Really, why bother with one person?  Except that I asked him to come see the plight of about 10,000 people.  Oh, I'm sorry, that's just in my county.  There's actually way more than that who are still displaced, homeless or about to be homeless.  Is that a big enough crowd to have any importance?  Probably not.  

Wonder what ever happened to that moratorium on foreclosures he was talking about?  I read about one, but it was this little sliver of homes that fit into this narrow set of parameters.  Not a blanket NO FORECLOSURES policy.  And if there is a freakin crack anywhere in a program, I will fall slap through it.

I've never worked so hard to make anything work and failed so miserably.  Yeah, I's a quarter, call someone who cares.....wonder who that would be?  

Rant, rave, ventventvent, I guess I'm done.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random Rants Because I'm Massively ADD Today

Lately, I've decided to start cutting back on my ptc sites, except for the very best ones I've had for a while.  Meaning I'm not joining every new one that shows up every 4 seconds since most of them don't last long enough to get paid and I don't have time or patience anymore to figure out who the scammers are.  Instead, I'm going to be focusing more on affiliate programs and blogs and traffic exchanges to advertise them.  And where I can, using CPC ad networks.  But apparently, where I can is becoming more and more of an issue, at least with Bidvertiser.  So I may have to make up a few blogs or pages that contain nothing controversial, nothing competitive, nothing right or left of mainstream, nothing out of the ordinary, that are garden variety,  whitebread,  generic and bland.  Something very carefully worded.  But something incredibly interesting that the public will want to read every day!  Yeah.  Better yet, I believe I will just give Bidvertiser the drop kick off my pages.  More on them later, they deserve their own entry for the joy they've given me the past few weeks.
I'm determined to make a living online, since I can't drive or work at a job anymore and it's now pretty much make it here or die since there's nothing out there in the world to help someone when they can't support themselves with a job anymore.  At least not on an immediate basis.   There's SSI but that takes years to get.  So I have to make it here NOW.
PTC sites showed great promise, especially a particular one, in terms of saving my home, but more are scams than are honest.  And the particular one, while an honest site and possessing great potential for good income, a site I have absolutely nothing bad to say about, has had some issues with it that caused great delays to occur and my income there to remain low.  Now it is picking up rapidly, but will not generate enough to save my home.  It would have, had some things not gone awry, like payment delays and price increases, hardware and software problems and a while back, DDoS attacks.  All combined together, it spelled foreclosure for me.
Jeeze Louise, sometimes you can do the right things, work your butt off, pay your bills on time, be responsible, kind to animals, charitable to those in need, a good neighbor and live a spiritual life, loving God, your Creator and still go right down the drain.  And as you circle that drain, count on 90% of the crowd that gathers to tell you it's your own fault because you chose to live where a big bad storm came through and you should have known better.

I think I need a nap.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Unprecedented President II

I like him more every day.  I certainly hope this administration does hit the ground running and I hope the focus is on saving middle class America, the backbone of the illegal tax system.  Middle class America....who pays more tax than wealthy America....who makes up the bulk of the economy and who is screwed at every turn.  Middle class America....who is disappearing as the rich get ridiculously richer and the poor grow in ranks as middle class America loses everything.

Maybe, just maybe, we finally have managed to elect someone who actually CARES about that.  We'll see, won't we?  

And yes, I know he can only do so much because we have this nice system of checks and balances that allows Congress to push through immoral and self serving special interest laws, but I think if we ever had a chance to see what that man behind the curtain really looks like, it's now. How transparent will we get?  Will we find out who really runs this country?  Will we find out what really runs this country? Will they be stopped from using us for their agenda and turn this back into the land of the free?  Again, we'll see, won't we? 

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Unprecedented President

I will be the first to admit, Obama was not my pick for President. But I also will say that I'm liking him more and more and he's not even in office yet. I don't know how effective his efforts will be, given how things REALLY operate up there in God Country...errr...I mean, Washington, but this is the first time in I can't remember when that anyone even TRIED to effect desperately needed change. Even used language that said they give a shit, without actually saying they do. With words like transparency and phrases like *more for the homeowners* (regarding the bailout).

I spoke with an attorney about my situation with my mortgage company and my house. He said they would be much less likely to take my house if they know I'm disabled and will be on disability because then they can't garnish my wages or checking account for the 40 grand they wouldn't get for my gutted house. I said the government is bailing them out for that, they get that 40 grand from the Feds. He said yeah, they do, but that doesn't stop them from getting it from you, too. Because they don't have to account for the money by account applied to, they just ask for a lump sum that my account is included in. So they take my house I owe 80 grand on, sell it for 40 grand, suck 40 grand more out of me for a house I finally lost after losing everything that was in it and sinking every cent I had into it trying to rebuild it, then get ANOTHER 40 grand from the Feds. Nice. Yeah, I like that word transparency. And I really like the concept that the bailout should not just be for the bloodsucking flesh-eating greedy parasitic rabid vultures that created the whole freakin problem in the FIRST place. But that's our government of the past....just throw money at the big businesses and screw the taxpayers who are losing their homes ANYWAY. So now the mortgage scumbags have the money AND the houses. How about about we let the bastards go under and replace them with a co-op of the people who's homes they're trying to take. What? You say then the people who work for these companies will be out of a job and they might lose THEIR houses? Stop. You're breakin' my heart.

What really makes me sick is that I didn't even NEED a sub prime lender. I PICKED Ameriquest because I thought they were a good company. I had good credit. When my world started crashing down around me last year, my credit rating was 718. Not too shabby for a single woman with a low income. Because I am responsible. Because I pay my bills. Because I don't run up big credit bills with frivolous purchases I can live without. The fall from grace is not far, it took me about 3 months to lose it all and become a no bill paying deadbeat, after years of perfect and near perfect records.

So February 11 is the deadline for me. I'm not having much luck raising money to keep the vultures at bay, so all I can do now is hope our new President puts a moratorium on foreclosures, because if he does, I'll be saved. The house will be saved. My retirement will be saved. I'll be able to work my way out of needing any disability help. If I lose the house, there's no telling if I'll EVER be off the public dole, which is enough to make me want to fall on my sword. But not now. Not yet. I'm not giving up, I'm either too stubborn or too stupid to give up, I haven't figured out which one.    hehehe

Friday, January 9, 2009

Propaganda Machine Fails Again, You'd Think They Would Quit Trying!

I saw a movie last night called Peace, Propaganda and Promised Land.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  It will be on the next blog I'm doing, which should be up hopefully tomorrow.  What is happening on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is wrong on just sooooo many levels.  If you have internet available and you still believe the Network News and other mainstream media, then you aren't using the most important resource you have to it's fullest capability.  The truth is a click away.  Big business controls the government and the government controls the media.  Journalism in it's purest form has been distilled here to whatever we are *supposed* to believe.

The incredible stupidity involved is that they continue this mass feeding of news pablum despite the ready availability of raw fresh TRUTH on the internet.  We may not be hooked up to machines in a matrix like the movie, but we are in a similar situation nonetheless.  The internet is your red pill or blue pill.  For your own sake and the sake of the future for your decendents, I hope you choose the red pill and choose to take the time to learn what is REALLY happening on your planet.

Once again:

This is the link to the movie, watch and learn, get angry, work for change!  

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holy Freakin Moo Cow!

I heard today that my county is considering the idea that they should extend the deadline to evict everyone from their temporary housing. My city, however, still won't budge. I guess in the city it's only a few hundred families who will be without a roof over their heads, whereas out in the county, it numbers in the thousands, like over 4,000. Since they won't let people live in their own campers while they work on their homes, I imagine tents are also out of the question.

Hmmmm. As much as I have come to detest living in this camper, it beats the hell out of sleeping in the driveway with bugs crawling over me. That is my biggest fear, too, the bugs. UGH. Well, the bugs and not having electricity to run my computer so I can work, small cooking appliances and the tiny refridgerator I have.

Wonder how many pictures of homeless people struggling to make mortgage payments will have to be published before someone hears us????

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

They were shocked, appalled and outraged!

Today I got to spend time with my Aunt and Uncle I haven't seen in quite a few years. They saw my house and the Toxic Trailer I live in and we drove around to see what this area still looks like, all the rotting houses still standing (barely), the little downtown resort area that is still just plain GONE, the empty lots where waterfront fabulous homes used to be, the abandoned commercial buildings half boarded up, still not gutted, the county offices still in trailers and tents and the school up the street being held in trailers. Then I told them I have to be out of the FEMA camper by March 1 and the city says I can't camp out in my house (like that'll stop me from trying!).

When I showed them how many things the contractor butchered and how many things have been done two and three times and the level of ridiculousness of some of the things I've had to do over and over, they were disgusted. They were appalled that I have piles of insulation, drywall, flooring, lighting, etc. that have been sitting there for two years that I can't install. They could not understand why the building inspectors were giving me such a hard time. My mama says it's because I don't have any money to bribe them with. I don't know if that's the case or if it's just a case of God Complex they all have. I dunno, maybe they all have little You-Know-Whats and it bolsters their tiny egos to have control of so many people's lives....maybe they've been bullies all their lives. Who friggen knows?

What I do know is that they live part time in Florida and part time in Michigan and they are going back to tell everyone, INCLUDING elected officials what they saw here. They confirmed that the propaganda machine has been lying to everyone, saying everything here is all ok now. Well, it's NOT.

Some of the things that have been done here were absolutely the most STUPID things you can imagine. I can tell you with all certainty that more money was wasted than actually reached the hands of the people who needed the help.  Arbitrary formulas were developed that made little sense.  Nowhere was the fact that prices for just about every phase of building and rebuilding skyrocketed factored in.  Damage percentages were set artificially low so that *there would be enough to go around*, resulting in billions in *excess*.  An *excess* that the Governor of this state has been trying to funnel into other projects like road repair and Port expansion for over a year.

I have written to everyone I can think of.  The Governor ignored it.  My local Congressman ignored it other than to send someone to my camper to see if I had killed myself.  My Senators did at least pay lip service by sending me a recap of what money I had I didn't KNOW  THAT and then said if they could be of any MORE help, just let them know.  That horrendous noise you hear is my teeth grinding.  I wrote to Shepard Smith, Fox newsman who is FROM Mississippi.  He ignored it, too.  Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, the same.  Newspapers, the same, except for one online.  I was interviewed by the owner but I never saw it on the site.  I did a website about it.  I tried to get awareness of this out into the world.  I am still trying to do that. 

But you know, it's hard for Congress to take things like this seriously, when there are so many other much more pressing issues, like the 1.7 million a day they have to pump into Iraq or trying to get time off to go to football games.   Google Cliff Stearns Football Break to see what I mean, if I talk much about that right now, I may start foaming at the mouth and end up being shot by the game warden......

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Home Again....sorta

Well, I've been staying at my mama's house since right before Christmas and she brought me back home today.  UGH.  Every time I leave and come back, this camper seems smaller, dingier and dirtier than the time before.  This time I almost just couldn't walk back into it.  It smelled musty and moldy in here with a pungent odor that said the toxic waste is still leaching.  There was nowhere to put all the stuff I had to haul back in here.  Some of it is actually still outside because I'm just too tired to dismantle one more area and rebuild it to cram everything in tonight.  I guess it doesn't matter, anyway, since I'll be moving it all right back out in a few more weeks when they come take the camper.

Last I've heard is no one will reconsider, all temporary housing has to be gone by March 1.  It seems to me they could put their deadlines to much better use by making the people who have just left their houses to rot clean THOSE messes up....tear down the house, haul away the debris, clean up the property.  Those are much bigger eyesores than FEMA campers and Katrina cottages.  But no, instead, let's finish off those people who have been trying to recover and just leave the abandoned houses til later.  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

And about Katrina cottages.  It is ridiculous to make people leave those so soon, some people just got theirs last fall!  Why do an expensive program like that for such a short term that doesn't address the real need?  They spent an average of well over $70,000 EACH to build and deliver those.  Why not put that money into homes, instead?  Now what are they going to do with all these cottages?  Oh wait, guess what!  I read recently that they have as much formaldehyde in them as the FEMA campers have!  OH YEAH.  I'm not EVEN kidding!  For this huge price tag, these tiny homes are particle board palaces, just like the campers.  These friggin idiots did not learn ONE THING from the camper debacle.  Which is really a stunning idea to contemplate, considering the whole purpose was to get people OUT of the FORMALDEHYDE!!!  They were theoretically the lucky ones, since there were not enough made for everyone, over 6,500 families were left in campers in my county.  So will the cottages be destroyed as well as the campers?  Who friggin knows.  It's the government.  Pick the end result that spends the most money, accomplishes the fewest reasonable goals, dances around what the bottom line needs really are and makes the least sense and that's what they'll do.  Unless it affects them personally and then they'll just get another raise to take care of the problem.

And while I grind my teeth about this never ending stupidity that is just chipping away at my sanity, I still have all this stuff outside to put away......ugh.  I suppose I should redirect my attention from useless politicians with no one's best interests at heart but their own and figure out where I'm going to put everything.  Perhaps with my superior powers of concentration, I can focus enough energy to levitate it and convert usable space from square feet to cubic feet.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Congress gets yet another pay raise, we get a recession

Tonight I read that Congress giving itself a pay raise AGAIN.  In the midst of a horrendous economic crisis that is creeping around the world, wrapping it in tendrils of deep recession and eventual collapse.

How DO these people sleep at night?  I personally invite each and every one of them to the Gulf Coast to visit with those of us they've forgotten about.  They better hurry, though, my temporary shelter will be gone soon.  Course, there is standing room only in there, so they would have to visit single file or congregate in the driveway aka my new living room.  Oh, wait, what was I thinking? There's plenty of room in the house, just no walls.  I can entertain them in there.  I want them to see what *NEED a pay raise* REALLY means.  I want them to realize that WE pay THEM.  I want them to justify to me, face to face, why they think they need or deserve a freakin pay raise.  

And then I have a friend in Michigan who I'm sure would like to speak with them, they can go there, next.  She has a disabled daughter who requires 24 hour care.  Her husband lost his job and hasn't been able to find anything but short term temporary side work ever since.  She also tries to make a living online because it's less expensive to do that than pay for care for her child.  They hover on the brink of losing their home, too.  Go tell them why you need a pay raise, Congress.

You know where I read this?  It was in the newspaper, in the Sound-Off section, at the bottom of the page, just a few lines.  Wanna know what was on the front page with full headlines?  FOOTBALL.  Now there is something of critical importance for ya.

If you're not ballistic over this insidious pay raise, please, for the sake of your family, rush to the nearest emergency room and have them check for a pulse!

Screw the people, save the Barrier Islands!

I read in the paper today that our governor, Haley Barbour, has decided not to ask the legislature to set aside any more money to help the thousands of Katrina victims not back in their homes yet, but will ask the Feds for money to rebuild the barrier islands.  

Well, ok, we need the barrier islands to be a storm break.  I'll give 'em that.  And I guess it will be doubly important now that there will shortly be thousands of homeless families hitting the streets in the next few months when all the temporary housing is gone and we still can't move into our homes.  

Yeah, well, watch me.  I've already decided what I'm going to do.  I'm running some more wiring into my house from the temporary pole (unless FEMA decides they just HAVE to have it, and of course, it will never be reused, so this would just be more government tunnel vision and pure meanness on their part to take it).  I'm leaning drywall up against the walls and putting the area rugs I have on the floor.  Might even lay out some of the ceramic tile in the bathroom.  And I will camp out in the house and work online and continue trying to save my home.

It just boggles my mind that they can send billions to and spend billions on other countries and yet say they are done with the people in their own country.  Three years has been enough time to recover?  Hmmmm.  Our county offices are still in trailers and tents to this day.  The county jail is in a freakin TENT!  I'm not EVEN kidding.  Insurance claims are still being fought out in court.  When people think three years is enough, what part of the *worst/most expensive natural disaster to hit this country in recorded history* do they not understand? It's a 5 to 7 year recovery process in something this massive.

I think maybe one of the reasons I'm sooooo pissed about this latest from Gov. Barbour is the last thing I heard about him was a big front page spread of the Christmas decorations in the Governor's Mansion, which they decorated with seaside type decorations in *honor* of the Gulf Coast.  Don't make me gag.  They should have decorated the tree with little models of gutted homes and FEMA campers and Katrina cottages with March 1 eviction notices on the doors.  They should have made garland from the *Blue Roof* plastic and wood strips used to nail them down.  Maybe some fimo models of people sleeping in their driveways with bugs crawling on them.  Or waving goodbye to the temporary shelter they just lost.  

It really bothers me that this whole country isn't outraged at how the people on the Gulf Coast are being treated enough to be screaming at their elected officials.  Because when something bad happens to where you live, do you think it will be any better for you?  It's not that we expect handouts.  What we expected was equity, fairness, help instead of hindrance from our building departments and recognition that not every situation will fall into a nice neat little box of circumstances and that there be some assistance for those situations, too.  Has it really not occurred to anyone that if we lose our homes after losing everything in them that we will have absolutely nothing left and be unable to recover from that?  A hand up now precludes a handout later.  Leave us to rot now and we become public assistance recipients later.  Do we want that?  Of course not, or we would have already been that.

The punch line is that Mississippi spent MORE making sure nobody received one penny more than they *should have* than they released in grant funds.  The Feds spent God only knows how much paying people to make sure their Toxic Trailers weren't being damaged by a whole family crammed into 200 sq. ft. when they could have been putting that money into rebuilding homes.  They could have sent every family over $150,000 to rebuild with and had millions, billions left over.  Just a flat rate, this is what you get.  This state would have been better off with better homes built, faster recovery, more money left to put into damaged roads, ports, schools, etc.  And no one would have fallen through the cracks or been left behind in the dust of rebuilding.  I wouldn't be toxic, I'd be driving and working and my home would NOT be in foreclosure danger.  

But that would be productive and make sense, and we can't have THAT, now can we? 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Well, here it is, another new year.  And once again, I step into it full of hope for the future.  I refuse to believe the mortgage company will get my home.  I refuse to believe I won't live in it again.  I refuse to believe I will never be healthy again.  I refuse to believe that this won't be the year I get my life back again.  I absolutely insist that all these things end in a positive way and I will not rest until they are.

My mama keeps telling me I've done enough for one day, I need to rest.  I can't stop, I won't stop until my home is secured.  If all I can do is work at the computer, then I'm going to do that every waking hour.  I will find a way, there has to be a way to save it all.  I will not believe that I have fought and struggled so hard for over 3 years, all by myself, to end up losing it all, anyway.

So how about you, are you stepping into your new year full of hope for your future, as well?  What challenges do you face this year?  Financial, health issues, child care, relationships, work related?  Everything has a solution, some better than others, but if you live your life as if the best possible solution has already ocurred, then chances are, that is what you will end up with.  Easier said than done, but with practice and focus, entirely possible.  Keeping a positive attitude while dealing with what I face is sometimes a challenge, I just have to stay focused on the prize and you can, too.

Best wishes to everyone for a healthy and prosperous 2009!

The Government Can!

The TRUTH About How Katrina Was Handled


Esoteric Agenda ~ Important information for those who took the red pill.

Ok, if you're a mainstream media news outlet addict who believes everything you see on TV and believes that your government (no matter what one it is) is there to serve and protect you, then you may close this out and return to the comfort of your ignorance. I would hate to offer up anything for your mental consumption that might put a jitter in your matrix feed. Go quickly, the other Sheeples are waiting for you so you can all laugh and point together. Enjoy your final moments of blissful commaradarie before all Hell breaks loose.

However, if you have an open mind and voraciously devour everything you can find about what is really going on in your world and has been for decades upon decades, then rev up your red pill and take a ride with me now.
Esoteric Agenda - kewego
This is the official final release of Ben Stewart's groundbreaking 2008 documentary exposing the plans of the parasitical Elite.

This video gives you a big picture of the agenda of the parasitical Elite, and solutions to ending their global control madness.

"The Daily life we perceive with our 5 senses is not reality.

Quantum physics has shown that space and time are illusions of perception therefore our bodies cannot truly be a reality if they occupy this space...

Our true Consciousness does not exist in our brains or in our bodies."

Milk ~ It Does A Body Bad

Got Milk? Well, you might want to get rid of it. Here's another piece of the Big Panoramic Picture Puzzle for you. A combination of corporate greed, factory farming and a government for sale to the highest bidder as well as an agenda that calls for drastically reducing the world population has perpetrated yet another Big Lie. This one is about what's in your glass of milk. This video ties in beautifully with the one in the earlier post below I titled: Horror on your dinner plate. I was all happy that my Lactaid doesn't use milk from cows given growth hormones. Being lactose intolerant, I didn't drink milk for years and now I'm damn glad about that. I just started again recently. I think I'll stop. Again. I was really diggin those Frosted Mini Wheats, too. Wonder what's in THAT that will kill me?

Horror on your dinner plate. Well, hopefully that will change after you see this.

"Rise Up" from "The Tea Party Movie" - Jeremy Hoop

Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic

Description on the hosting site, | Support the film makers, please purchase an offical copy with DVD extras and bonus material. From the Tea Party Movement to State Legislators, the American people are drawing a line in the sand. On what side of it will you stand? Has the government our Founders created been forgotten by Washington DC? Is a Patriot Uprising ready to capture the spirit of 1776? "Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic" gives the viewer a look into the movements, mindset, and legislation that will catapult the "Great Restoration" into households across America. What is the choke-collar the Federal Government uses to reign in the States? Are the States sovereign or subjects of Washington DC? What did the Founders foresee and how did they seek to protect us from a tyrannical government? "Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic" exposes the commerce clause, defines Sovereignty, the proper role of government, a Constitutional Militia and much more. "Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic" offers sound solutions to take back rights stolen by our out-of-control, despotic federal government. "Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic" will educate, inspire, and activate a nation desperately seeking direction. What side of the line will you stand?