Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random Rants Because I'm Massively ADD Today

Lately, I've decided to start cutting back on my ptc sites, except for the very best ones I've had for a while.  Meaning I'm not joining every new one that shows up every 4 seconds since most of them don't last long enough to get paid and I don't have time or patience anymore to figure out who the scammers are.  Instead, I'm going to be focusing more on affiliate programs and blogs and traffic exchanges to advertise them.  And where I can, using CPC ad networks.  But apparently, where I can is becoming more and more of an issue, at least with Bidvertiser.  So I may have to make up a few blogs or pages that contain nothing controversial, nothing competitive, nothing right or left of mainstream, nothing out of the ordinary, that are garden variety,  whitebread,  generic and bland.  Something very carefully worded.  But something incredibly interesting that the public will want to read every day!  Yeah.  Better yet, I believe I will just give Bidvertiser the drop kick off my pages.  More on them later, they deserve their own entry for the joy they've given me the past few weeks.
I'm determined to make a living online, since I can't drive or work at a job anymore and it's now pretty much make it here or die since there's nothing out there in the world to help someone when they can't support themselves with a job anymore.  At least not on an immediate basis.   There's SSI but that takes years to get.  So I have to make it here NOW.
PTC sites showed great promise, especially a particular one, in terms of saving my home, but more are scams than are honest.  And the particular one, while an honest site and possessing great potential for good income, a site I have absolutely nothing bad to say about, has had some issues with it that caused great delays to occur and my income there to remain low.  Now it is picking up rapidly, but will not generate enough to save my home.  It would have, had some things not gone awry, like payment delays and price increases, hardware and software problems and a while back, DDoS attacks.  All combined together, it spelled foreclosure for me.
Jeeze Louise, sometimes you can do the right things, work your butt off, pay your bills on time, be responsible, kind to animals, charitable to those in need, a good neighbor and live a spiritual life, loving God, your Creator and still go right down the drain.  And as you circle that drain, count on 90% of the crowd that gathers to tell you it's your own fault because you chose to live where a big bad storm came through and you should have known better.

I think I need a nap.

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